TC248: Building community with the help of piano parents coupled with other teachers with Shelly Davis

TC248: Building forum with piano father and other teachers alongside Shelly Davis

The encouragement associated piano parents back to their children plays a great part in their advancement as a student. However as piano course instructors, we also have a activity to play in working together and connecting containing parents and other certified teachers to help our persons succeed.

Category episode, Shelly Davis shares the lessons she’s learned over the years by  teaching piano, and as well interviewing so many professors, parents, and classmates on her podcast, ones Piano Parent Podcasting.

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  • [02:40] Shelly gives usa an update and glimpse behind the scenes on her Strato Parent Podcast.
  • [05:17] Those technological advancements my wife gained since taking on the podcast.
  • [07:10] Lessons and principles from the podcast because she has applied doing her teaching dwelling.
  • [10:40] Shelly tells us about how precisely music teachers provide you with a different level of dad or mom support at home.
  • [15:12] Opinion for teachers for you to assist connect with their practice parents better to promote students.
  • [19:01] Having mum feel that they are using a combined partnership for the piano teacher.
  • [23:21] Disputes that make it hard for the patients parents to help at home.
  • [27:25] Shelly tells us more about the idea of the community of instructors.
  • [34:08] Advice and insights and beliefs about parents to music education.
  • [38:32] Shelly tells us more about your partner new project.

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The Guest

Shelly Davis is the host within the Piano Parent Podcasting. She’s been motivated piano teacher for 1990 and has trained hundreds of children. Called currently lives in Tx, has been married relating to 32 years, and the parent of 4 musical children.  

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