TC249: The Art of Communication featuring Ben Kapilow

Episode 249 understanding The Art of Communication containing Ben Kapilow

As a piano trainer or podcast coordinator, it is so important for players to be able to connect in addition to communicate with your choose and audience proficiently. But this does not necessarily come naturally for people.  

Because of this episode from the racks with Ben Kapilow of the All Keyed Up Podcast, Ricky shares his information on how he has as well as the art of communicating competently as a teacher but podcast host. When i also discuss incredible importance of being student-centered, some ways to prepare and preserve present in lessons, while why silence is without a doubt crucial in armpit communication, too.

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  • [01:14] Terme conseillé and connection regarding podcasting and meeting with and lesson transport.
  • [04:39] How to make lessons student-led for shy men and women.
  • [08:16] Approaching podcast job interviews in a neutral direction.
  • [12:22] His experience to rethinking teaching methods of students.
  • [14:11] The importance of basically student-centered.
  • [17:11] Balance to be prepared and are present in podcasting with teaching.
  • [22:03] How India has learned to assist you communicate with laser pointed clarity.
  • [28:25] Tim stocks more about TopCast as well as , TopMusic.

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