To Do List Member WordPress Plugin

This To Do List Member WordPress Plugin Needs to Be Updated as of 2020. If you are a programmer and want to contribute to the updating and development of this plugin contact me here and we’ll chat.


This WordPress plugin is called “To Do List Member” This plugin is pretty simple but is a very useful productivity tool for anyone wanting to keep track and view the progress of any type of task list you create using WordPress. We created it first for people running WordPress membership sites, however it can be used for any purpose you’d like.

To Do List Member Features:

  • easily create unlimited to do lists and tasks for each list for any type of project
  • uniquely presents the the to do list for any of your members of your club, membership program, etc..
  • any time a member logs into their account they will see their own, unique to do list checklist to follow
  • progress bar is presented and dynamically updates for the user/member anytime the check box is marked
  • to do list categories and tasks can easily be created using the same knowledge you have creating a blog post and blog category. We used the same WordPress structure/taxonomy so you don’t have to learn a whole new skill set using the plugin. It’s very easy to use.
  • each to do list task can expand or collapse to show or hide the details of the task for to do lists. This is especially great for long to do lists such as making a list of dropshippers.
  • uniquely present to do lists and tasks separately on any page or posts anywhere on your site, including sidebars.
  • it’s multi-site compatible! So the plugin can be used on an unlimited number of WordPress sites within your one multi-site WordPress install.

To Do List Member Screenshots:

Example of a To Do List with none of the check boxes marked and all task content collapsed:to do list member wordpress plugin - checklist-1

This is an example of what the progress bar looks like after you mark one of the check boxes. The progress bar updates immediately and displays the percentage complete. Also you’ll see the task content is now expanded:

to do list member wordpress plugin - checklist-dynamic-progress-bar

This is an example of how the to do list appears after all check boxes are marked displayed the full percentage of tasks complete:

to do list member wordpress plugin - checklist-dynamic-progress-bar-complete


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