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The Scrambler

The first feature of the program is a weird mind game known as “The Scrambler”. This sneaky technique is based on extensive scientific research into female psychology, and basically allows you to take control of a woman’s mind. To see more we have reviewed it a few months ago. The link to the review is here: Unlock The Scrambler Reviews. What The Scrambler does is plants little seeds (or thoughts) inside her brain, which gets her thinking about you more and more until she finally realizes that she must be in love with you.

Unlock The Scrambler Reviews
Unlock The Scrambler Reviews

Inside the manual for The Scrambler are step by step instructions for how to implement the technique, and you’ll learn how to handle all 5 steps by using the “12 Seduction Weapons”…

The 12 Seduction Weapons

During the different stages of The Scrambler, you’ll want to make use of this second feature, The 12 Seduction Weapons. These 12 powerful weapons of seduction were designed to target different areas of a woman’s brain, and are meant to be used alongside The Scrambler.

The LUST System

This third main feature provides you with exact instructions for how to act when you’re with that girl you like. While The Scrambler covers the psychological aspect of the system, while the LUST System covers more the physical aspect.

These 3 main features will show you exactly what to do and say when you’re with that hard to get girl, so that she eventually becomes completely obsessed with you and falls in love.

Unlock The Scrambler Reviews
Unlock The Scrambler Reviews

What We Didn’t Like About The Unlock Her Legs Training Program

While this training program is very effective, Bobby and Rob may not have stressed enough that it comes with a huge amount of content, which means you really have to make sure you have the free time available to learn the 3 main features, and take advantage of the 6 awesome bonuses.

But keep in mind, when you take the time to learn this system inside and out, those hard-to-get girls will be like puddy in your hands. You’ll be able to mold them into whatever you want with very little effort. And the beauty of it is, they’ll have no idea what you’re doing… They’ll feel like it was their decision to pursue you.

Overall, there wasn’t a whole lot that we didn’t like about the product. Bobby and Rob are both known for being masters of seduction and giving solid dating advice that actually works, so it was no surprise to us that the content was very high quality and really eye-opening… With that in mind, let’s take a look at what we did like about this program…

What We Liked About The Unlock Her Legs Training Program

What we liked about this training program was that each and every pdf, audio, and video is very well thought out, and explained very thoroughly. Bobby and Rob did an amazing job teaching this stuff in a way that really gets it all to sink in, and gets you the results you’re after as quick as possible.

Another thing we really liked about this program was the reference at the end of the manual for The Scrambler, which contains links to 7 articles that reveal the science behind the mind game. Bobby and Rob studied these articles, then took what they’d learnt and tested it out in a variety of ways until they finally found the winning formula, which is now known as The Scrambler.

Unlock The Scrambler Reviews
Unlock The Scrambler Reviews

When you start using The Scrambler on a girl you like, you’ll notice her acting a little differently towards you as early as step 1. But to get the full effect and to get her feeling love and attachment, you really have to take her through the full 5 steps (and ideally the bonus phases too).

Granted, there have been guys who after just 2-3 days of learning the system, were able to hook up with gorgeous women who a few days prior, would have seemed unobtainable to them… However, that’s the exception.

Depending on whether or not you decide to make use of the bonus phases along with the 5 steps, and also where you currently stand with that girl you’re after, it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks or more (depending on your learning curve) to completely win her over with The Scrambler. Remember, the whole idea of this mind game is to plant little seeds (or thoughts) inside her head, and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen…

We really liked this whole concept behind The Scrambler, and even though it requires some patience for most guys to get that girl to feel love and attachment towards them, the results in the end are well worth it.

Lastly, we thought it was awesome that once you’re inside the members area, you’re able to download every pdf, audio, and video file straight to your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This allows you to study the content whenever you want, wherever you happen to be.