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Bobby Rio – The Scrambler

Unfortunately for many men, there’s always this one woman that has always been out of reach. If you’re one of these guys, we have embarked on another dating e-book review. The following review will analyse and determine whether the latest review on “Unlock the Scrambler” will give you the answer you’ve been looking for to make her yours.

It’s a training program created by dating coaches Rob Judge and Bobby Rio released in 2014. Its now 2023 and its still one of the most popular dating products on the market. As well as becoming increasing popular it has helped several thousands of men find their way out of the friend zone. The authors based The Scrambler around a systematic and scientifically supported mind game. It’s called that because you’ll know precisely how to scramble the mind of a girl and win her over. It will help turn you into the object of her desire. In fact, from now on, almost no woman you know will be safe from your charms. This time, you’ll turn the tables on them and watch as they start flirting with you. 

Unlock the Scrambler Review: An Overview

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

Let me tell you now that this isn’t about one-night-stands or anything like that. Instead, it follows a tried and tested formula that will slowly but surely get any girl you want in bed with you.

We’ll give a basic overview of each of the five steps you’ll use in this technique. Plus, you’ll learn about the “L.U.S.T System,” possess “12 Weapons of Seduction,” and many more. Like wooing any girl, it will take an investment of time and effort on your part. There are no quick solutions and gimmicks. This time, you’ll be armed 12 Weapons you’ll use during the mind-scrambling process. 

L.U.S.T will help keep you in the game because you’ll have the confidence to work your charm on any woman you want with almost zero risks of rejection. Soon after that, it will be game over, and you’ll become either her boyfriend or a passionate lover. Even better, there are no dead ends, and there are always second chances. It’s a smart and flexible system that will let you rectify any mistakes.

In this detailed review, we’ll go over all aspects of this training program, including the good and the bad, to give you a better idea of what you’re getting.

The training program package includes well-written PDF files, such as The Scrambler Manual and L.U.S.T. guide.

Unlock the Scrambler

It also has several video and audio content. The audio in all the videos is also available in an MP3 format allowing you to listen to it privately.

Once you’ve become a member of their site, this training package will be available to you. You’ll also be given exclusive access to an area where only members are allowed to enter. That’s also where newly registered members can download the complete set if they want to view the files without logging in or are offline. Having copies of your own makes it convenient to view them anywhere there’s no Internet connection.

Besides the standard package, there are also five bonuses given to new members. You can also post questions about The Scrambler on the members-only private forum.

Rob and Bobby both try to answer the questions as much as they can. However, given the sizeable membership base, they can’t always respond to each person directly. They also regularly give general advice on any issues that pop up when using The Scrambler technique. Nevertheless, all frequently asked questions have already been tackled in detail and continuously discussed. You just have to find them. Members are also willing to help others and share valuable feedback from their experiences.   

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

Scrambler Torrent & Free PDF Versions.

There are a plethora of so called “Free” torrent services or Free Bobby Rio The Scrambler Pdf versions on the market. Don’t bother. Many of these are just spun garbage with little to no original content or original techniques taught by Bobby Rio himself. There is definitely no private forum options either.

Unlock The Scrambler PDF Versions.

You’ll also find several links to various detailed articles that explain the science behind the training program. The authors based much of the technique on actual psychological findings. It thoroughly relies on the thought processes that women go through, both logically and emotionally. We males typically get our blood pumping at the sight of a beautiful and sexy woman. On the other hand, I’m sure you’ve seen many attractive women in the arms of some not so good-looking guys. It leaves you thinking how lucky the guy was, but was it luck that made it possible?

Females are wired differently and don’t always go for looks alone. The thing to know is that women want more drama in their lives. Appearance alone won’t cut it for them. Their selection process is a lot more involved than us men. A handsome face is just a bonus, and most good-looking guys will still need to work on getting a relationship. With The Scrambler, you can reverse engineer this female thought process to work for you even if you’re average in the looks department. That’s why almost any man can get the woman he wants. Your age, physical appearance, and wealth will make little difference once you’ve “scrambled” these women’s minds. Yes, The Scrambler is nothing but a mind game you can use on women you like. It will make you appealing to them via the emotional region in their brains.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

You’ll know how to take advantage of their thought processes and provide them with the drama they want. It will make you more desirable the more they think about you. Pretty soon, they’ll want to jump in bed with you. It’s entirely up to you if you don’t want commitments or intend to pursue a more meaningful relationship with a girl. This review will help you decide whether to buy Unlock the Scrambler or not. Read on to find out if it can help you finally get the girl of your dreams.

Scrambler Review: Training Program

The training program is divided into six main parts.

Part 1: Closed Door Interview

In this part, you’ll hear a fun interview by Nikki with creators, Rob and Bobby. She asked questions that will help guide you through the various training materials. 

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

They try to get you in the correct mindset initially, and you must have an open mind for it to work. It’s also crucial to have the right attitude so you can unleash your full potential and succeed. It’s not a simple course about making eye contact with a girl, approaching her with a great pickup line, and getting a date. It’s about trying to get a girl you want to lust after you. Sounds impossible? Not so, and it’s relatively straightforward if you know the proper steps. Rob and Bobby will walk you through this blueprint until it becomes second nature to you. You’ll get to know the technique’s inner workings and hear real-life examples from the authors themselves.  The interview is about two hours long and divided into seven MP3 audio files.

Part 2: Weapons of Seduction

In two videos, Bobby Rio will explain the psychological tactics used in the mind games you’ll play on your target. These will be the effective weapons in your dating arsenal to capture her attention and keep her interested in you. These subtle mind tricks will make you more intriguing and get her thinking about you often and in a more sexual manner. The ones that match your personality will give you the best results. You’ll know which behaviour to pull out of this bag of tricks when talking to her. You’ll find that it gets easier the more time you spend with her. By the end, you’ll have her on the palm of your hand.   I recommend that you watch the two videos repeatedly until you’ve got the techniques down pat. Each has vital information and are good enough to be sold separately!

Part 3: The Scrambler technique

You’ll meet many girls throughout your life, but can only be intimate with them if you can establish a strong emotional bond. Ever heard of the expression, “there is plenty of fish in the sea?” Well, The Scrambler is the bait that well let you catch more of them, hook, line, and sinker. It consists of five primary building blocks to have a woman swooning over and even obsessed with you. These are:

The Pattern Interrupt

The Power Shift

The Validation

The Unpredictable Rewards

The Physical Intimacy

For best results, you must expertly execute each of them to have a chance of succeeding. The duo designed these five building blocks to attain specific outcomes, so you must follow them to a tee. Moreover, following them out of sequence would most certainly lead to failure. Besides the building blocks, you have these other phases that aren’t mandatory and depend highly on the current situation. These are:

The Blackout Phase

The Reconnaissance Phase

Friendly Fire Phase

Chilled Ice Phase

L.U.S.T. Phase

For instance, if you recently made a blunder with a girl and got you trapped in the friend zone, you’ll need to execute the Blackout Phase. That means not forcing the issue and going incognito for about three weeks. This buffer will give her time to breathe and reset her feelings toward you. During this time, she won’t likely change her mind about you. In this case, patience is a virtue, and you don’t want her resenting you if you jump in too soon. The longer your interaction is with her, the more likely you will rely on these phases. The Scrambler manual has 56 pages and comes in PDF format.

Part 4: L.U.S.T. System

After you’ve met her, have set things up through text, and convinced her to go out, you’re in the home stretch and don’t want to ruin it. The L.U.S.T. is a fool proof system to follow while you’re dating her. These are the moves you’ll be making and what you’ll say while talking with her. It’s an acronym that that stands for:

Laughing – you must keep her interested by being funny and flirting.

Understanding – will let you create a strong connection with each other.

Sexualizing – you’ll subtly make the interaction more sexual by teasing, suggesting, and then leading her.  

Taking it Home – once you’ve got her hooked, you can try to take her home. 

On 82 pages of the L.U.S.T. Manual, Rob described all of these four necessary ingredients in great detail.

Part 5: The Modules

Module 1 – Thinking Counter-Intuitively & “Garbage Time”

Rob and Bobby explain in an 8-minute video why it’s critical to think counter-intuitively from the typical way that men think. Counter-intuitive thinking is one of the keys to unlocking emotions and responses from women that we require. It’s the only way they’ll feel emotional about you in a positive sense. It’s what makes them want to be with you.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

To take your relationship to the next level, you have to elicit emotional reactions that will get her heart fluttering while talking or looking at you.

Module 2 – Logical Versus Emotional & “The Boyfriend Trap”

There was a best-selling novel, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” The title speaks for itself. As mentioned before, males and females aren’t wired the same way and think differently. You don’t want logical responses from women because it may not be what you’d expect. It’s a primary problem and source of confusion for men when they interact with women. It’s not surprising why they don’t end up with someone they truly want. So it’s best not to get hung up on why they’re so different. You’ll see guys trying to logically show women why they’re boyfriend material instead of focusing on receiving a positive emotional response. This video is over fifteen minutes long. Bobby goes in-depth on how men fall into “The Boyfriend Trap” and end up ruining any chance they had with the girl.

Module 3 – Riffing & Flirting: Attraction Under-The-Radar

Once you take her off her guard and get her feeling at ease, it will make things a lot easier. That’s why step one in the L.U.S.T. system is to get her laughing with you. However, it doesn’t mean you have to go all out with the jokes. Think of it as an attractive kind of humour that you inject in your conversations and comes naturally. The authors call this “social humour” and doesn’t sound forced. In this 14-minute video, Rob gives a few examples so you’ll know how to apply it when you’re talking to an attractive woman.

Module 4 – Asserting Masculinity

Here, you want to show the bright side of your masculinity. However, you don’t want to come off too macho. Instead, you want to assert your confidence by making quick on the spot decisions and showing you’re no pushover. Many of us are afraid to show our assertiveness and decisiveness to a woman for fear of turning her off.  However, it’s precisely this confidence that most women look for in a man. What’s needed is the right balance of masculinity but not to the point of being too aggressive or pushy. It’s about taking control of the interaction without overwhelming the girl with your testosterone. It’s the primary driving principle of The Scrambler that lets you control where the relationship goes and is explained thoroughly in this 10-minute video.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

Module 5 – Understanding: Beyond Rapport

One of your primary objectives is to get out of a girl’s friend zone. That’s the reason to maintain more than a “friendly” rapport with her. You want to take your interaction with her to a more intimate level. To achieve this, you want her to understand how interesting you are. In turn, you must try to understand her by tuning in to what she’s saying and relating to it emotionally in a profound way. It’s not just about approaching a woman you’re attracted to and chatting her up. You can keep talking, but it will take more to arouse a woman than some amiable conversation. In this 9-minute video, the authors will explain how you can “understand” a woman and make her feel that you “get her.” At the same time, she’ll get to know you and make her want to be with you.

Module 6 – “Mirror, Mirror” Separating Yourself

We all have some idea of our actual appearance, whether accurate or not. However, we also have an ideal appearance that we think can appeal to the opposite sex. Once they meet a “hot girl,” most men think it’s necessary to be as hot as her to have a shot. However, what they end up projecting is different from what most women find ideal in a man. Sadly, the majority of men aren’t aware of it. To many women, this becomes a typical male stereotype that they try to avoid. They’re accustomed to every other average Joe putting on a hot façade to get sex. That’s the opposite of what women want. It’s a guy who comes off as sincere and who can truly understand them. That’s why you should separate yourself from the rest of the pack, where she’s nothing more than a hot chick. To you, she should be more than that. As a result, she’ll also realize that there’s more to you than meets the eye. You can then begin to develop a connection with her that goes deeper than superficial looks. The authors discuss it in more detail in this 9-minute video.   

Module 7 – Storytelling to Elicit Emotions

One of the crucial skills you must develop when talking to women is your ability to tell an engaging story. I’m not talking about being a great public speaker or a prolific writer. It’s where your understanding of her will come in to play. You’ll have a clue as to which type of story she could relate to and hold her attention. In the same vein, she’ll get to understand you better and appreciate some of your vulnerabilities. Not only will it help keep her interested in you, but it’s also a way for her attraction towards you to skyrocket through the roof. In a 15-minute segment, the authors explain the elements that make for excellent storytelling in a casual and relatable style.

Module 8 – Taking It To A Sexual Level – Mental Priming

After a few dates, at some point, you must shift the conversation to a higher gear from mutual understanding to a more sexual level.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews
Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

It’s one of the most intimidating parts of the courtship for many guys because it could spell a make-or-break situation. They don’t want to be suddenly thrust back into the friend zone after gaining some progress with the girl. The feeling of being rejected twice would be too much to bear and could affect their efforts to pursue other girls. Likewise, you don’t want to be overly cautious and end up missing the boat, when all along the girl was waiting for you to make a move! If you wait too long, she might start thinking that she’s “only a friend” to you. Any missed opportunity with the girl of your dreams will – in hindsight – make you want to kick yourself later on. That’s why in this 18-minute video dealing with the “S” part of the L.U.S.T. system, the authors delve into how you can gradually turn up the heat. You’ll build up the sexual tension and know the precise time when a woman wants some release.

Module 9 – Directing Conversations: “Sexual Snowballing”

At this stage, a woman would know you well enough and is now attracted to you. Your interaction has gone past the understanding and sexualizing stage. Primed for sex, all you have to do is push her beyond the point of no return. Rob has successfully been using this technique for years and explains how to do it.

At first, you insert seemingly harmless romantic questions like who her first crush was and when she had her first kiss. You then slowly and subtly increase the sexual tension until it “snowballs” into a level where she’d want to leave the place and go with you. At this stage, she’ll have an almost uncontrollable desire to be in bed with you. The 14-minute video will explain what you have to do to take the conversation to a physical level.

Module 10 – Taking It Home “Making Up Her Mind For Her”

By this time, you’re at the “T” or “Taking it Home” in the L.U.S.T. system. You’ve gone through the first, second, and third and finally running towards the home base, which is your bed. It’s time to consummate your relationship with the girl. It would be best if you invited her somewhere private, romantic, and with no one else around. An ideal place is a bedroom. That may sound crude, but that’s what you signed up for in this program.  As discussed earlier, you have to assert your masculinity and make a decisive decision. The authors aren’t asking you to be forceful or pushy but avoid acting hesitant. In this last 12-minute video, both Rob and Bobby explain the proper and confident way of asking a woman to go back home with you.

Part 6 – Invisible Escalation

From the L.U.S.T. system, where you learned how to give sexual hints to get her primed for sex, the final step is the seamless transition to a physical relationship. 

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

In an interview with “60” from the one-person company 60 Years of Challenge, he explains all the right things and moves you can try. There’s always the risk of rejection looming. And since this is with THE girl you want most, you have to keep her as comfortable as possible while making a move.60 has a reputation in the game as a master in building tension or “escalating” via small and subtle physical gestures. He was the best choice for this interview done in a 53-minute video. What you get when you combine what you’ve learned from L.U.S.T. with 60’s advice is a fool proof escalating technique when the right time comes.


As with many high-quality dating products, Unlock the Scrambler isn’t an exception and comes with some freebies. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to the exclusive members-only area to avail of the six free bonuses. It further enhances the product – which by itself is already excellent – by adding more bang (pun intended) for the buck. Rob and Bobby have generously included Invisible Escalation. It proved too valuable and deserved to have a place in the training program’s main section. I’ve already touched on Invisible Escalation in “Part 6.” This time, I’ll go over the other five bonuses, which include the following:

Bonus #1 – She’s Sending You Signals

Most girls are enigmas that, most of the time, react in ways that leave us guys wholly baffled. They’re pretty hard to read and leave ordinary guys clueless sometimes.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

This bonus will practically show you what’s on her mind. It’s like deciphering the Rosetta Stone, which unlocked ancient languages. It’s a PDF file with 37 pages containing the knowledge of when and what moves to make. From now on, you won’t ever be frustrated with and confused by a girl.

Bonus #2 – The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence

Does the girl you’ve had your eye on for a while already have a boyfriend? This bonus contained in a 54-minute audio file will make her dump him and jump into your waiting arms! It’s a painless method that would have her wanting you more than him. It will lead her further away from him and closer to you without realizing you’re the one pulling strings.

Bonus #3 – The Magnetic Effect

This one is a step-by-step guide on how to send text messages that will make women want you. It even has the power to help you avoid being friend-zoned and be in control of your relationship. Women will unwittingly invest their time and emotions in any text message they receive from you. If you know the secret to seductive texting, they’ll admire your wit and how emotionally mature you are.

Bonus #4 – Her Erogenous Zones

With this bonus, you’ll learn to identify her erogenous zones. Knowing the right spots to give her pleasure will ensure you can keep her satisfied. You’ll be the best sexual partner she ever had. She won’t even think about another guy once you’ve made love to her. It comes in a PDF file with 19 pages.

Bonus #5 – Dirty Dozen

Are you finding it hard to broach a conversation with a beautiful girl? This 30-page bonus PDF contains twelve fascinating topics to casually embed in your conversations to make her fall in love.The secret lies in making her feel as if she has made a connection with you more profound than any man she ever met. Back at her home, all she’ll be thinking about is seeing you again. 

Should You Choose the Unlock the Scrambler Technique?

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

Rob and Bobby designed this dating program to help men get women – who never thought about them sexually or romantically – in bed with them. It may be situations where you desire:

A girl who has you in her friend zone;

A girl you once dated but eventually lost interest;

A girl you see at work or in class;

A girl who’s happens to be an acquaintance in your social circle;

A girl you’ve known since your college or even high school days that you’re still pining for;

A girl who rejected you and has given you the cold shoulder ever since;

A girl who already has a boyfriend.

To a beautiful girl, a guy like this is just one of many attracted to her. There was nothing that made him stand out from the others that would change how she felt about him, which was mostly nothing. While the program makes this dramatic change possible, it’s just one out of many things offered. To achieve success and sleep with these women, you’ll learn other things along the way. The Scrambler teaches you conversational skills that are effective with women and ways to make you more attractive. It doesn’t show you how to meet new girls in a club and get them on a date. There are other products specifically for that type of situation, and maybe you should check those out first. So unless you know the woman from the start, this product isn’t for you. Whatever the case may be, Unlock the Scrambler works as designed and no doubt offers the best solution in seducing a woman who’s known you for a while.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

Better yet, the secrets unlocked here are all psychological. They deal with the scientifically confirmed differences in the way men and women think. By taking advantage of women’s established behaviour, you can perform the right moves so they will react in the way you want. That’s why your age, wealth, or looks have an inconsequential part to play in the scrambling process. What you’re after is manipulating a girl’s mind. Based on what you’ve learned, you can sway her to look at you like a romantic and sexual interest, instead of a friend or mere acquaintance. Gradually, she will become more attracted to you and start flirting back. It would become easier the more you scramble her mind. By the end, don’t be surprised if she starts throwing herself at you. It’s your guaranteed way out of her friend zone and into her embrace. Of course, the results and how fast the techniques will work would vary. It would highly depend on where you currently stand in your interaction with her.  

If you’re having doubts about the authors’ claims and The Scrambler’s legitimacy, you’ll find links to relevant sources at the end of the manual. These articles will explain in detail all the science and psychological knowledge behind this powerful mind game. You’ll begin to understand how women’s minds work, and will forever change how you interact with them. So you can have peace of mind, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. In the unlikely situation where you become unsatisfied, the website will gladly give you all your money back within that period.  You’ll get your money in the next 3-4 days after you asked for a refund.

So is Unlock the Scrambler the answer you’ve been searching for so long that will help you get that one girl? It’s not a love potion that offers an instant solution. You have to continue at it for it to work for you. All that’s needed is to study it religiously until it becomes hardwired into your consciousness. After that, it will all come to you naturally as you begin using what you’ve learned on a girl. If you have the patience, you can succeed not only with her but also with any girl you want. 

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

Consumer: Unlock The Scrambler Reviews

Since its release back in 2014, both Rob and Bobby continue to receive tons of emails containing testimonials of satisfied Unlock the Scrambler users. Below are just a sampling of the positive feedback the guys have been getting:

Bobby, I want to tell you how grateful I am to come across your training program. It has completely changed my dating game, and I feel I owe you a lot! Thanks!”

– Jake

“Dudes, I wanted to inform you that your texting method led to this beautiful girl giving me oral sex inside my car just a few moments ago! I’ve never been so happy in all my life. We’re planning something more serious in the coming weekend. I hope I don’t mess it up.”

– Mike

“To be honest with you guys, I never really believed any of this was going to work, but I was so desperate. I hadn’t gone out with a girl for several years. In less than a month of joining your program, I’ve had two wonderful experiences. Now I can boast of being back in the game. Not that I was ever seriously in it, but hey…”

– Harold

“I’m living proof that the program works as advertised! The only problem is that it may have worked too well. Now I have problems with some of the ladies who have discovered my other exploits. It’s the kind of situation that a single guy like me had only dreamed of before, and now I’m living it.”

– Tim

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews That’s Free to Download is a Scam

WARNING: As mentioned earlier in the review, steer clear of any Unlock the Scrambler free downloads online. While they may appear similar, they’re all incomplete and contain some malicious digital threats. It’s the work of scammers out to profit from the product’s considerable following and success. Often you will find these while searching for “unlock the scrambler torrent, the scrambler torrent, Bobby Rio the scrambler free and unlock the scrambler pdf free download“. These cybercriminals are up to no good and will only harm your computer or device. These malicious sites’ objectives are to obtain your email, deposit cookies, and infect your computer with viruses and malware. It’s worse when they try to steal your personal information. Needless to say you should be very careful about downloading any Pdf’s these days from a shared torrent site. Furthermore, you won’t get any support or valuable answers to questions you may have that are only available on the official website. I highly advise that you only purchase a genuine product to ensure success.

Conclusion: Unlock the Scrambler Technique

As you can see, the Unlock the Scrambler training program caters to the everyday guy and makes him look more than that in the eyes of the woman he desires. It gives regular men a chance of having an intimate relationship with the girl of their dreams. It’s usually a girl they have known for a while but remained out of their league.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

Or it could be a woman who rejected them and relegated them to the friend zone. The training program makes it possible for these men to get dates with any women they know and have sex with them. On the downside, the creators didn’t design The Scrambler for meeting lovely women and going out on a date with them. There are other products designed specifically for men trying to meet new women. However, the Unlock the Scrambler method would work in conjunction with those products once you know these women better. 

Final Thoughts on “Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you think you may be too old, not earning much, or not attractive enough. You have an excellent chance of succeeding with the techniques and tips used. Everything that Rob and Bobby have shown us has scientific backing and is proven to work for thousands of ordinary men from different walks of life. They based it on the knowledge of male and female behavioural psychology. That’s why it’s essential to have an open mind while going through the training process. It’s best to have the right attitude to ensure the techniques presented will work. The experience and timetable will be different for everyone. However, it doesn’t matter if it takes a week or two months to work. As long as you achieve success, that’s what’s important.

Positive results will eventually happen if you keep at it and continue to have faith in the program. Imagine how happy you’ll be, finally having that beautiful girl you wanted for so long right in your arms. You can’t put a price tag on something like that. In several years it’s been out, the authors have managed to help over 150,000 men, including myself, have intimate relationships with women. These are women we’ve known for a long time and only treated us as acquaintances or friends.

Thanks to these two dating gurus, I successfully seduced my next girlfriend, who I’ve been courting for ages in futility. It was after I learned to Unlock the Scrambler program that I finally won her over. I didn’t have a girlfriend for several years after the last one. Even if the relationship didn’t work out in the end, I have scrambled many more women’s minds until I finally met my current girlfriend.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews

I feel so happy and thrilled right now, but my delightful experiences are just a few of many. Other men who used the techniques they learned also found various degrees of success with the women in their lives. Whether they were looking to have friends with benefits, sleeping with many women, or getting THE girlfriend they’ve always wanted, The Scramble made it possible. If you’re one of those looking to join those legions of men who’ve found the secrets of dating success, hop on the bandwagon. It’s time to Unlock the Scrambler in your life.


It’s a top-notch product for learning how to date women you already know and always wanted to sleep with or be your girlfriend.

It has a basis derived from scientific research and human psychology.

The audio and video materials are all well-produced, and the PDF text files are well-written.

Useful to men of all skill levels, appearance, wealth, and age.

As a member, you’ll get valuable bonus material and free advice from the authors who are recognized experts on the dating scene.

The price is very reasonable for what you’ll be getting.

There’s a 60-day satisfaction guarantee that lets you verify first if the program works for you or get your money back.

Unlock the Scrambler Reviews


This training program’s design is for men who desire to have an intimate relationship with a woman they already know. It’s not for men who want to have someone new in their life.

Gaining the attraction of a girl who knows you will take time to master and require supreme patience on your part.

The package only includes videos, PDF text, and audio MP3 files. There are no physical copies.

Some may find the methods used are immoral.

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest updated: “Unlock The Scrambler Reviews” For similar reviews you can check us out on our home page here:

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