Varigard Technologies Proven to Prevent the Tactile Spread of SARS-CoV-2, B.1.617.2 – DELTA Variant

Varigard and Synergy Laboratories have announced the test results of an advanced hand sanitizing gel and surface disinfectant. The test results illustrated that the Varigard hand sanitizer is able to sequester SARS-CoV-2, B.1.617.2 (Delta Variant), and prevent its tactile transfer for two hours after initial application. Also, the same results were achieved with its organic surface spray, which continues to sequester for over 20 hours after initial application. In other words, Varigard products prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant to or from surfaces or people by touch. These products contain patented organic polymers that also encapsulate the alcohols and prevent them from being absorbed into the skin.

Under the supervision of Synergy Laboratories, a protocol was developed to test whether Varigard products could sequester (physically trap) and prevent the transfer of SARS-CoV-2 for extended periods of time. “We continue to work on safe and effective ways to fight these emerging COVID strains,” said Mike Paolillo, CEO of Varigard. “It’s a shame that our technologies have to be classified as ‘sanitizers’ since we are much, much, more. Our latest tests show our technology is just as effective on the rampantly spreading Delta variant as it has been on all the strains we have previously tested against.” 

Sequestration Lab Results Can Be Reviewed Here

About Synergy Laboratories

Synergy Laboratories is a full-service diagnostic laboratory that utilizes a wide range of innovative platforms to improve patient care. Founded in 2015 by Brad Pitts and Brandon Biles, Synergy’s mission is to ethically serve the healthcare sector and give healthcare providers quality service and accurate results. In recent years, Synergy has continued to invest in the latest technology to serve its ever-growing client base. Synergy Laboratories is a high-complexity CLIA and COLA certified lab that has become one of the largest COVID-19 testing facilities in the Southeast. To learn more, visit Inquiries:

About Varigard

Varigard is a U.S. biotech company executing development, translation, and integration of biosecurity capabilities aimed at redefining protection against today’s pathogens. Varigard’s solution aids in preventing the spread of dangerous pathogens by utilizing patented organic polymers. These polymers are USDA BioPreferred products that are changing the landscape of personal protection equipment (PPE). Varigard has developed an advanced hand sanitizing gel that provides protection for two hours per application compared to other leading brands which protect you for less than a minute. Its alcohol-based formula is flame retardant due to the efficacy of its patented polymers. Varigard’s hand sanitizer has been through extended human trials to prove that the alcohol does not absorb into the skin or cause skin irritation even with ongoing, repeated use. Varigard has also created a hydrogen peroxide-based surface disinfectant that has been proven to prevent the tactile spread of dangerous pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, for over 20 hours after application. To learn more, visit For inquiries, please contact Adrian Riega:

Source: Varigard, LLC