Digital and in Particular person Music Classes

I started utilizing HyperDocs extra this previous yr, earlier than COVID-19. I completely love them free of charge exploration round a selected subject. In this weblog put up, I’ve hyperlinks to a number of completely different HyperDocs that would work for in-person or digital studying. Once I was utilizing it for in-person studying, I’d train half of the lesson as lively music making, and the second half of the lesson as free time to discover HyperDocs.

In a digital lesson, you may have half of the lesson be direct instruction, like movies, Google Slides, and so on., after which the second half of the lesson be time to discover on a HyperDoc. You may even add a hyperlink to a Google kind inside the HyperDoc, in order that college students might let you recognize what they accomplished on the HyperDoc, what they loved essentially the most, and so on.

Subjects for HyperDocs might be absolutely anything: devices of the orchestra, moods in music, composer of the month, genres of music, theme and variations, musical symbols, and so on. The sky is the restrict!