What is Numerology?


There is the ‘Universal Consciousness also known as Chaitanya that is often mentioned in Numerology. This Chaitanya means tremendous Energy which pervades the universe. We cannot see this force but can feel its existence. If by any technique we can tune up our mind force with this Cosmic Energy or the Chaitanya, we can absorb some of this Cosmic Energy and enjoy its existence around us. There are people who are gifted or have developed certain powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. because they have the capacity to absorb this Cosmic Energy to some extent.

This Universe exists in the above Cosmic Energy which has powerful radiations. In addition to this Cosmic Energy there are innumerable energies which have their own radiations and waves (Spandana). The vibration force emitted by every energy has an effect on the radiations of another energy. As already stated, though we cannot see these energies, we can feel them. For instance, we have radio waves or the T.V. waves which in the normal course we are not aware of or of their existence around us. In order to know them we have to switch on the button so that we can pick up the waves.


Similarly every individual emits rays and waves and we can know his radiations through the study of Numerology. His birth date is the clue to find out what type of rays are emitted through him. There are nine planets which have greater influence on the human life and each of them has been allotted a particular number. The moment a person is born, he is governed by a certain principal planet and a secondary planet and is governed by the numbers allotted to these planets. He thus starts radiating the vibrations of that number or the planet by which he is governed. Psychology, thinking, reason, emotions, ambition, likes, dislikes, health, career, etc. are all dominated by the number he represents. If this number is in harmony with the number of any other person, he will experience harmonious relationships with the other person. If on the contrary, his number is in opposition to that of his friend, the two can never live in harmony with each other.