What Sells On eBay: 8-Track cleaners, Pinup Advertising, R/C Corvette, Gucci sunglasses, Headphones

I continue to increase my ROI on a $1 online auction purchase of a closet full of linens. This drapery set sold for $55.


I purchased a large auction lot of radios 1 1/2 years ago. I had finally listed the last of it at the end of last year. I took four bedside radios that didn’t work and sold them as a group for $26. The buyer will either fix them or use them for parts.


This lamp was large and unwieldy requiring a large box for shipping. I don’t like to include the shade, but sometimes they just belong with the lamp. Sold for $37, and the shipping was around $40 from NJ to VA. No wonder it took so long to sell.