What Sells On eBay: Bose EQ, Wine rack, Red Wing boots, Pendleton shirt, Magazine rack

I know to look something up before thinking it is junk, especially if it looks like junk. This vintage step ladder with paint splatter, dirt, and general wear sold for $42. I bought it in an online auction lot with other tools, maybe paid $1.


This is a primitive sculpture that I bought in an online auction with another one (that has already sold) for $5. I had no background on the item, and I didn’t want to make anything up. I described it best I could without saying it was Mayan or Aztec or whatever. It looked old. Sold for $68.


A lady contacted me about whether I would ship a very heavy vintage metal tabletop that I had as local pickup only. I looked up the cost to ship and added additional money to buy a box. She agreed to a $100 shipping cost and full price of $199. She also bought a set of vintage knives, which have the same color scheme as the table. I got both items for free.

The knives have already been shipped. Because of the snow storm earlier this week, I wasn’t able to pickup the boxes for the tabletop until today. I will ship it out this weekend. Her address is in New Orleans.



I bought a bathroom closet full of stuff somewhat because of this MOJO PIK from the 70s. I’ve found so many other valuable items in that closet, but this one was the grooviest! Paid $1 at most, sold for $21.55.


This square tissue box was also from that bathroom closet. This is the third time I’ve sold it, so I hope it sticks. I think “Florentine Style” was what threw people off. Florentine boxes are usually older and made of wood. The “Plastic” in the title and description didn’t seem to set them straight. This time I added in “Shabby Chic” to make it seem less authentic. Sold for $22.


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