What Sells On eBay: Built Models, Phone stand, Siren, Stone chessboard, Wall sconces, Bike trainer

I have two cats that are about six years old now. I wouldn’t get them a subscription like the Bark Box, but cats are much different than dogs. They really aren’t into playing like they were when they were kittens. Also, they puke often, so a variety of snacks wouldn’t be a good thing for them. Anyway …

I posted a few weeks ago asking about how to ship a mercury thermometer. Temudgin pointed me in the direction of FedEx, which does allow you to ship mercury that is contained within a manufactured item. I sold the first one last week, and the buyer did not want me to post feedback for him. I guess he doesn’t want his environmentalist friends to find out? I’m very concerned about the environment myself, but I totally understand the conundrum. Digital thermometers just don’t work as well. Anyway, paid hardly anything in an online auction, sold for $24.


Something looks not that nice in an auction, and no one wants it. You throw out the shade and dust it off, and voila, $70.


I bought an online auction lot of tools. At the bottom of one of the boxes was a bunch of calligraphy tips. Paid about $1, sold for $26.


Many online auctions would do better with books if they did the research and pointed out the good ones. But, then I wouldn’t find these gems like a newly translated first edition One Hundred Years of Solitude from 1970. I paid pennies considering my low bid and large number of books, sold for $50.


I’ve had this jacket for about two years. It had a Japanese hotel tag. I assumed it was something that would have been sold at the hotel gift shop, but my buyer’s feedback set the record straight:

It is a really nice uniform top made in the 1950’s Very authentic & nice.

That said, I looked up other hotel uniforms, and my price was about right at $26. Paid maybe $1.


Another item from the same auction lot as the thermometers is this hair dryer from the 1950s. This person really didn’t throw anything out.


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