What Sells On eBay: Coffee pots and Parts, Wendy Melvoin guitar pick, Tension pole lamp

Steven. My hoarder neighbor who is moving collected stereo equipment. So much of which has ended up on the curb. Really overwhelming how much stuff. You would clean up from his rubbish! I just don’t have the knowledge of what is good and what isn’t but pickers have been going through it and taking stuff.

Some things I sold this week….

The real estate bubble is going full throttle in my area many older houses are getting sold and flipped. Entire contents of older homes seem to be dumped on the curb. I pick up so much stuff and donate most of it but this one house had these really nice vintage Cottagecore lace curtains. Sharyn, I thought of you and how you are always selling linens so i washed them and listed. Sold 2 sets this week. $28/set



These Pokemon cards are regular sellers. Picked up about 50 packs a couple years ago. You all helped me tweak the wording on my listing (thanks) after a buyer used negative feedback extortion for a refund due to condition… I used to sell these for $35 but recently raised the price to $50 and they are still selling strong.


Mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I picked up an old Specialized Stumpjumper on the curb. My husband fixed it up for me to ride. This week we sold all of the parts off of frame. $130


Here is the bike now. https://imgur.com/uWuB1CQ