What Sells On eBay: Copper fittings, Levi’s trucker jacket, Betamax tapes, Philco clock radio

Two weeks ago, I said something about being the only one to post, so a people stepped up. Then, last week, I was again the only one to post! Come on, Steve does this week after week for us! We need more participation here!!

A few weeks ago, I posted on the forum asking for Worthpoint pricing help on a set of sterling shot glasses from Peru. The value was much higher than I realized, so I went and polished them and took new photos. I received an offer within an hour of listing for $80. I bought these in an online auction lot with other items for less than $3, so I paid very little for them. I did have to buy another little bottle tester for silver ($8) as the one I had was old and the test results were not conclusive.


In September 2019, I purchased a large lot of vintage radios, which I have been listing and selling since. I’ve finally listed all the items, and most of what remains are bedside radios in partially working or non-working condition. Although this radio only partially works, the cream color is rare and brought the price up to $32.


For some reason, Feb 3 was designated Linen Day. First, I sold a set of drapes for $84, then the matching bed spread for $43 to someone else, and then a blanket for $22. The drapes & bed spread set came from an online auction for the contents of a closet of linens. I paid about $2 for the whole thing and have already sold a couple things from that lot. I bought the blanket a few years ago for about $1 and put it in my closet, but recently I was looking for some room in said closet and decided to list the blanket.




This is a small thing, but I thought I’d share it with you. This 1969 brochure is called “A Women’s Guide to Football” came in an auction lot with other items. Sold right before the Super Bowl for $8 with two pieces of artwork. I recall, back in the day, we would watch the Super Bowl with my grandparents, and all the women would congregate in a different room. However, I was born and raised on the Steelers, so I vaguely keep track of how the season is going and always watch the Super Bowl!


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