What Sells On eBay: Johnny Cash reel tape, Large thermometer, Boombox, Vinyl travel bag, Ecco shoes, Cameo Ware dishes, Vintage Panasonic TV

Steve, you made a comment a few weeks about my wanting to actually park my car in the garage. Well, here I am, living large.

Livin the life …

I paid way too much for these empty champagne bottle and ice bucket sets at $20 a set, but I thought that I would get about $60 each. This was way back in the first year of eBay selling, so that is my excuse. They sold for $59 total.


This manual push drill sold for $23, paid about $1. I always look for good deals in tools as they sell very well.


Not sure what is so exciting about these bulbs, but they were given to me by one of my parents’ downsizing friends. He was quite the light bulb hoarder with all the ones he has given me. The buyer bought two sets of two, so four total light bulbs, for $52.


Another set of tools, just rusty hooks. I had to do a little bit of research to find that they are used for moving hay. Paid about $1, sold for $33.


In the same lot as the hay hooks came this set of brushes for a vintage floor cleaner. I wonder if their system still works or if they bought them because they fit something newer? Anyway, sold for $24.


I bought the contents of a bathroom linen closet. I brought everything home and was reaching into a box when I gouged my finger on this “safety” razor. Good thing it sold for $50 so I don’t feel so bad. I did not pay much for the whole lot, so maybe $1.


This was a death pile teapot set that sat for about two years before being listing. The little wooden caps on the lids were unattached, and I kept pushing off the repair. Late last year, I filled the hole with wood filler, but I found that I couldn’t just screw them in. I need to drill. Sometimes when I just can’t get around to doing something, I enlist the help of my husband. Paid maybe $2, sold for $22 the next day.


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