What Sells On eBay: Matchbook covers, Casio keyboard, Freemason wallet, Berkshire Hathaway hat, Duramax vacuum coffee maker, Stereo record player

Here’s an unopened container of a discontinued Kiss My Face brand moisturizer I bought in an online auction lot of a bathroom closet contents. At this point, I’ve sold so much from that auction that I’m almost through claiming COGS. Sold for $39.


I’ve had this vintage book on copyright law for a few years. It was free from an office that was being cleaned out. My friend was helping out to prevent stuff from just being thrown away, so she was offering free office cabinets, chairs, and so on to anyone willing to cart them out. Sold for $36.


This Christofle silver plated set was from an auction lot (live, pre-pandemic), where I’ve already sold some stuff for pretty high prices. I didn’t know that they were a set, but I figured it out from my research. Paid a dollar or two. Sold for $71.


From the photos of the online auction, I could see this red and white blanket; however, I didn’t know that it had cross-stick from 1923, it was made of wool, or that it was double length meant to be folded in half for more warmth. Some MaxSold auctions are well photographed and explained in detail, and then there are the ones that I like. I think I paid $4 for the whole lot and have already sold some items from it. The blanket sold for $69.


This newer, but vintage wool blanket from the same lot, sold for for $25.


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