What Sells On eBay: Stereos, Cowboy Boots, Miller Pool Table Lamp, Vintage Percolator, No tip mug

Quite a flurry of 8-track stuff going out, eh?  Congratulations on your son’s graduation, Steven! I had two graduations on May 14-15 – my daughter from college and my son from high school. My daughter’s was virtual and she came home to watch from here but my son’s was in-person with activities over a 3 day period so fortunately my wife and I didn’t have to split up to cover Mass and Florida.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get more for this consigned Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter challenge coin but at $89 plus shipping I guess I can’t complain. Some SecDefs are just more popular (or notorious?) than others. https://imgur.com/fSCvbrm

It took a little research for me to identify the relatively uncommon Ryan aircraft pictured in this WWII-era postcard of an aerial shot over the San Diego Civic Center but I think it helped me get $20 for it. It was $2 at a flea market. https://imgur.com/EWBso9r

This souvenir Ukrainian pyrography 17” mace or bulava sold for $24 plus shipping. It was a family item. https://imgur.com/4in96Oj

This cute little souvenir pin is originally from Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, Indiana and sold for $25 plus shipping. It was about $1 as one of a handful of smalls picked out of a flea market dealer’s box. Vintage souvenir items from less popular attractions will sell but are usually long tail. This one surprised me by selling within a week or two. I don’t bother with most items from popular places because there’s too much competition for only a mediocre sell-through rate. https://imgur.com/txRCXtf

This is a 1954–1955 yearbook from the US Army 187<sup>th</sup> Airborne Regimental Combat Team stationed in Japan. This had a couple strikes against it: It did not contain full unit rosters with soldiers’ names and photos, it was from a peacetime period after the Korean War and before the Vietnam War (though conflict there did begin in 1955), and the cover was stained. It still sold for $74 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/SgCMr91

There is intense competition nowadays at yard sales and flea markets for movies but I was lucky to pick up this sealed Blu Ray of a Harrison Ford double feature for 50 cents at a yard sale. It sold quickly for $27.55 with free shipping. https://imgur.com/dhB8kY6

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