What Sells On eBay: Vintage skateboard, Bose stands, Snare drum, Color organ, Hats

Thanks, Steven S for consistently keeping us all enlightened with your Wednesday videos for the past few years, I really look forward to them each week.

The last time I posted on this forum was in April 1920, so it’s about time I do another.

This sold 5 days after I listed it. Sold for $48 + shipping, cost $3.

I recently ran a 50% off sale on some of my older items. This was originally listed on November 26, 2017. Sold for $25 + shipping, cost $4.

I purchased 10 of these at a Moose Lodge Sale for $3. This is the first pair that Sold. Went for $12.75 including shipping, cost $0.60 for the pair.

I love finding old electronics and these 2 Realistic transceivers are no exception. They may have got a sales boost from being very similar to the ones used in the series Stranger Things. Sold untested (each takes 8 to 10 batteries) for $48 + shipping, cost $8 for the pair. Went GSP to Italy.

This sold within a day of listing it. I probably could have charged more but there are about 8000 Swiss Army Knives listed on eBay so I’m happy with the $22.50 + shipping that I received. Cost $2.00.

Each time I drop off paper and cardboard at recycling, I check the book bin. So finding Outlander: The Complete Series, season 1-5 a 25 DVD set was fun. After watching the last few DVDs for season 5 (I was already in the midst of watching it via NetFlix DVDs) I sold the set for $22.50 + shipping, cost $0.00.

From watching YouTube videos, I learned that there is a big demand for vintage underclothes. This vintage 1980 2 pack of Jockey Jeans Briefs sold the day I listed them for $64.50 + shipping, cost $1.00.

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