What Sells On eBay: Vintage TV stand, Donna Summer tape, Pinup ashtrays, Stereo record player

“Mmmm… the JC Whitney catalog…” (I say in Homer Simpson’s donut voice). I devoured every page and liberally circled many desired items in my younger days. Wolf Whistle, anyone? They are awesome and the content is certainly worth more than $11 to any self-respecting car nut out there but thousands and thousands survive, seeing as how they arrived in the mail about once a month IIRC.

Those cats are a hoot. Somebody wants to play and somebody does not want to play!  My two middle-aged boys start that every morning as I get them breakfast, only they are both willing participants. The 11 pounder starts it and the 26 pounder ends it, after a quick friendly wrestle. I want to get a video but they only do it as I’m prepping and they stop immediately if I pause for even a moment.

I’ll bet in your video the attacker is attackee’s son. If attackee was a male cat, he’d play. If it were a sister or unrelated female, she’d quickly and decisively put an end to it, with much screeching and fur flying. But mom will put up with it. At least for a while.

Some sales from the beginning of the year:

The traffic in coffee mugs on eBay ebbs and flows. I think it’s pretty much ebb, now, isn’t it? I thought this cobalt blue Boeing International Space Station mug was pretty fancy with its gold leaf design so I paid $4 for it.  After a couple years of crickets I let it go for $21 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/cLtmIhH

This great music box turns the windmill as it plays and is a souvenir of Weert, Netherlands. I got it in a free lot and it sold for $20 plus shipping. https://imgur.com/sRnDiiY

Here’s another toy soldier vehicle from my childhood that turned up in my dad’s estate. It’s a 1966 Airfix 155 mm Self Propelled Gun and sold for $40 plus shipping.


This is a US military reserve parachute ripcord handle/pull ring that I’ve had since my Army days. I never had to use my reserve (though I got very close to needing it, once) but a friend did and I picked this up off the drop zone that time. It sold for $18 with free shipping. https://imgur.com/tm9kCak

This is an interesting 1974 book about Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from the estate of a family member who lived there at the time. It sold for $59 plus shipping.


Here’s a well-used, repaired and reissued example of a 1968 contract date Model 1956 US Army canvas rifle magazine pouch, made after the Army had already started issuing the Model 1967 nylon and plastic load carrying equipment for Vietnam. I had $1 or so in it as part of a flea market lot and it sold for $25 plus shipping.


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