What Sells On eBay: Vintage TV stand, Video processor, Starburst clocks, Speaker stands, Placemats, Metal toy dump truck

Seems like I’m the only one posting my sales here. Come on folks! My stuff isn’t all that interesting. We need more here!!!

I wouldn’t have known what this item was except that the original owner had a sticker “Amish bed warmer” on it. It was bought with a bunch of other stuff, so cost about $1 and sold for best offer of $20.


One of my commission sales; a very nice mid-century metal bud vase, artist made. Sold for $56.


This was mentioned a month or two ago, but you can sell an old, unused calendar by saying when it will repeat again. This Tutankhamun calendar put out by the MET in 1977 will repeat next year. Not a huge sale; just interesting. Paid maybe $0.50, sold for $10.67 on sale.


Set of antique Tiffany plates, in stained condition, sold for best offer of $45. Bought at an auction about two years ago for around $4 as part of a larger purchase.


Just a few hours after I listed three Realistic CB radios, a buyer asked whether I would take $45 for all three. I said that it was too soon for negotiation, and he should contact me in about a month. Less than two weeks later, all three sold to a different buyer at full price (about $63 total). The original buyer sent me a congratulations message, so he was still following them. They were purchased with other vintage electronics, and cost less than $1 each. Here’s the listing for one:


Another commission sale; a Sajen brooch in the shape of a frog. This family friend had a huge collection of these Sajen pins, all in sterling with gems; kind of an expensive hobby. This was probably the most expensive one I’ve sold to date for $139.


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